Falls Prevention

Falls among Older Adults

Falls can cause moderate to severe injuries, like head and brain traumas, hip and spine fractures and lacerations. Falling among older adults can increase the risk of early death. With a few simple modifications and a suitable exercise intervention, falls are largely preventable.

Hannah Raath Biokineticists: Falls prevention treatment

At Hannah Raath Biokineticists we conduct specialised falls risk evaluation of individuals, according to their own requirements and shortfalls. We analyse various balance skills, as well as functional muscle strength and endurance. We also set some individual goals based on individualised needs that may relate to factors like the fear of falling or lack of motivation. After this comprehensive assessment, the biokineticist is able to prescribe suitable rehabilitative exercises that improve the shortfalls and meet the physical needs of the individual. Regular re-assessments and further goal setting are important tools in achieving further success.

We offer individual sessions, group sessions, as well as monitored home exercise programs, depending on your needs.

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