Orthopaedic Injury Treatment

Joint pain is often caused by incorrect biomechanics due to muscle imbalances. These imbalances cause abnormal and dysfunctional movements, which result in pain and weakness. Biokinetics uses corrective exercises to address the imbalances, thereby minimising the discrepancies and allowing more desirable movement patterns. This results in less strain on the joints and muscles, and therefore a decrease in the associated pain.

Faulty alignment causes undue stress and strain on bone, joints, ligaments and muscles. Pain resulting from faulty posture is due to the cumulative effects of constant or repeated small stresses over a long period of time, or sudden severe stress.

Biokinetics uses exercise to address these imbalances and therefore reduce pain, and strain on joints. Sometimes Biokinetics is used as a conservative treatment if surgery is not needed, or can be used for pre-operative and post-operative rehabilitation.